Canine Behavior & Training Specialist Leah Gangelhoff received her formal education and certification as such in 2002 from Triple Crown Academy in Texas, hailed as the most comprehensive school for dog trainers in the nation. She owned and operated a successful dog training business in Los Angeles until relocating back to her home city of Birmingham to care for family members. She has owned and operated Flint Hill K-9 Training LLC, which serves the Greater Birmingham area, since arriving here in 2006. She also holds a degree in psychology and has an extensive background in psychological research in the areas of learning and developmental theory, both of which provide a very strong foundation for her work by significantly deepening her understanding of canine training methodologies. Although the principles of learning theory are the same for both dogs and humans, dogs are very different from us and have a uniquely canine way of perceiving every interaction they have with us. It is when we understand the particulars of this perception and begin behaving in ways that make sense to our dogs that training begins to fall into place.  Leah’s teaching style has a way of putting her clients at ease and making the training both fun and highly educational at the same time.


Leah has extensive experience using a myriad of different types of training techniques and training tools. Knowing how best to go about modifying serious behavior issues, and as importantly what NOT to do in certain cases, particularly aggression cases, has come from her solid formal education in canine behavior coupled with many years of experience handling hundreds of these types of cases as well as networking professionally with some of the best trainers in the nation.  Always ask a trainer for their credentials!!


Leah's training expertise includes basic through advanced obedience, narcotics detection, K9 Nose Work®, service dog training, schutzhund, police service dog training, therapy dog preparation training, clicker training, tricks, and serious behavior problems of all kinds, particularly aggression. She has certified two of her own dogs in narcotics detection and is certified by the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW™) as a Certified K9 Nose Work® Instructor (CNWI).   She is a Senior Faculty Member with NACSW™, active in developing and teaching continuing education programs  to CNWIs.  Leah also serves as a Certifying Official and Judge for NACSW™ sanctioned K9 Nose Work® competition trials and teaches seminars to nose work enthusiasts across the country. Leah has trained with her German Shepherds in the sport of schutzhund, a triathalon sport for working dogs and their handlers.  Leah is also a very happy and dedicated pet dog owner - she currently has three dogs of her own, all of which are an integral part of her family.  They very often assist in training sessions!


Leah has worked in the past with shelters in Los Angeles and the Greater Birmingham Humane Society conducting staff trainings on canine behavior, implementing training techniques to help dogs become more adoptable, and conducting canine temperament assessments. As dog training is an ever-evolving discipline, Leah continually educates herself by studying with the world's top trainers and staying current on the latest training and behavior seminars, research, and literature.