Leah, a professional Canine Training and Behavior Specialist, owns & operates Flint Hill K-9 Training LLC. Leah has owned and operated her own canine training and behavior business and has been specializing in canine behavior for the last 16 years - 5 yrs in Los Angeles and the last 11 here in Birmingham, AL. During that time she has developed private comprehensive education courses for thousands of dogs and their owners for puppy, obedience, and serious behavior issues of all kinds, including severe fear and aggression cases.


While living in Los Angeles and before the sport of K9 Nose Work® was born, Leah studied under, trained with, and certified dogs in narcotics detection with K9 Nose Work® co-founders Ron Gaunt & Amy Herot beginning in 2004 and was part of their weekly on-going detection training group from 2004-2006.