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What would you say are Leah's strengths?


Her passion for the sport and working with dogs is apparent. She was tireless during the day - working every opportunity, answering questions, her hides were well thought out. She was gracious with all the participants and very approachable.


Very knowledgeable about nose work and how to instruct others. Very good communication skills. Genuinely concerned about others and their dogs.


Exercise design, ability to explain what the dog is doing so we can start to notice it, unfailing patience and politeness.


Experience. Ability to apply her knowledge to each search and each dog. Quality of the searches based on your experience level.  Ability to communicate ideas clearly so everyone understands. Willingness to answer each question as if it was the most important one asked. Patience and encouraging patience in us during every search. Her love of dogs and the sport. Leah also has a great sense of humor and fantastic people skills.  She makes it fun.


Leah's strengths are her knowledge, communication skills, open and friendly personality and ability to readily assess a dog/handler team, set up searches specific for their learning needs and then providing feedback in a supportive manner.  Leah is also excellent at setting up searches to work specific variables like wind.  Leah takes the time to explain topics and to answer questions.


Audience engagement!  Leah is really entertaining, and the information and lectures feel fresh no matter how long the day goes.  I didn't work a dog, but her explanations of what to do, when, and why (or why someone else might not want to do what the team we are watching does) were great.


Leah is very personable, and you can tell that she loves what she does!  She is thoughtful, and reads dogs and their handlers well, and offers advice positively.


Observation and feedback were great. She provides the same level of feedback for every team which was great. She is very motivating because she is so passionate about this sport.


Leah's positive and enthusiastic attitude to nose work makes the seminar highly enjoyable. She easily communicates her ideas to attendees, using humor to make topics all the more interesting. Her presentation is logically structured, and she effectively manages the time needed each day--never rushing to finish. She has no problem taking off-the-cuff questions and her responses and training suggestions are practical and well targeted to answer the question raised or issue being discussed.


Leah's critique of each dog and the commentary as they worked is definitely a strength. Another strength is....I liked the way she discussed how she chose the position for the odor and how the odor was moving at each location.


Enthusiasm for the sport; a keen eye and a really clear teaching style.


Conveying an infectious enjoyment for the sport of nose work.  Ability to present information & suggestions to handlers in a systematic & clear manner both verbally & visually. Sense of humor.


She is very insightful about dog behavior and motivation and also really understands the human side of the team! Her material was well-organized and she was able to keep the class running efficiently all weekend.


Friendly, open interactions with audience.  Knowledge of and organization of material. Carefully constructed, skillful set up of searches.  Invites questions on all topics of nose work and provides thoughtful answers. Provides valuable  tips and suggestions to utilize at Trials.


Depth of knowledge/experience/analytical skills. Cheerful, kind, non-judgmental, empathetic, nature with a great sense of humor.  Fun to be around.


Would you recommend a Workshop or Coaching Clinic with Leah to other dog/handler teams/trainers?


Absolutely yes. Leah exudes competence - yet was very patient, positive, and accessible to everyone present.


Yes. Her knowledge base is impressive. Yet, she was never judgmental -  no question was a dumb question.


Yes. Her expertise and long-time experience as an instructor precedes her when you hear she is doing a workshop. I knew I would learn valuable information to help me in the sport.


Yes, very much so.  She has a unique ability to take the smallest action or reaction and bring it to life in a way that everyone can understand allowing us to gain a new perspective.  Kind of a dog's eye view. Awesome.


Absolutely! Leah has a huge breadth of knowledge and ability to see what each dog needs to develop it's nose work skills. She can easily communicate that to handlers.


I already have. I think Leah's approach to training is easily understood and applied by trainers at all levels of experience.


Most definitely. She makes you feel relaxed even with her vast experience. I feel she is learning with us but guiding us (dogs and handlers) at the same time.


Absolutely! Practical information was presented that would help NW teams working at any level & instructors would benefit from picking up tips to enhance their training programs as well.


Leah is a fantastic coach and presenter.  It was such a fun and informative weekend.  I look forward to attending future workshops and camps with her.


Yes, definitely.  She is very astute and is quick to point out what is going on and offer ways to improve or solve issues.


Definitely would recommend.  She has experience to help all levels of handlers and presents the material very well no matter the level.


Yes, most definitely. I felt my time and money were well spent. I came home with lots of feedback and suggestions to help improve our searches.