Preparing Your Dog for Elite: What You Can Do Now

a K9 Nose Work® Seminar with Leah Gangelhoff


Given that the Elite Division of NACSW™ trials is relatively new, many of us did not know what we would be seeing in order to begin building certain skills into our dogs and ourselves as handlers. Now that we know, we can begin through thoughtful training to best prepare for Elite. We can also learn to avoid certain common, undesirable "issues" that can develop when trialing at Elite. It is important to understand this building process so that we do not over-face our dogs while working on these skills. This seminar will cover techniques that can help you develop a training plan to prepare your dog for what they will encounter in Elite Division trials. Working spots in this seminar are suitable for ALL dogs with good odor obedience (meaning that the desire to get to target odor overrides the rest of the environment), no matter at what level they are currently trialing - NW1/NW2/NW3. Suitable for auditors at any level.