Payment: Payment in full for all services is due before or at the first session. All K9 Nose Work Classes require pre-registration and payment in full for each course is due at the time of registration for the course.  All Obedience only Programs have a Pay-As-You-Go option where payment for each session is due at the time of that session or you may pay for the multiple-session program in full at the first session and receive a substantial "package discount".  Behavior Modification Programs that follow a Behavior Consultation do not have a Pay-As-You-Go option. Payment in full for the multiple-session Behavior Program is due at the Consultation. You may pay by cash, check, or credit card at your session. The cost of all services (including any unused sessions) is non-refundable.


Cancellation: If you must cancel or reschedule a session, we ask that you please give us 48 hours notice whenever possible, as we reserve that time specifically for you and need advance notice in order to allow someone else access to that time slot. If you cancel less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment, that missed session will count as one of your scheduled sessions.


TRY US! If you are considering a multiple-session Obedience or Puppy package, you may schedule and complete your first session before deciding on a package if you wish. This gives you the opportunity to assess the instruction you receive and decide whether Flint Hill K-9 is a match for you and your dog.  If at the end of the first session, you wish to purchase a package, the package discount will apply to that first session.  If you decide instead that you want to Pay-As-You-Go, then you simply pay the single session price for that first session and then pay the single session rate each time at any subsequent single sessions.


Private Behavior Consultation + Behavior Modification Program: Payment in full is due at the time of the Consultation.  The cost of Behavior Consultations and Behavior Modification Programs is non-refundable.


Private Session Obedience and Puppy Packages: Payment in full is due at the first session. NOTE: All 6-Session Obedience packages must be completed within 72 days of the first session and all 4-Session Puppy Essentials Packages must be completed within 48 days of the first session. Any sessions not used within this time will be forfeited. If FHK9 must make a schedule change or if session times are not available for more than 5 of those days in a row (we’re out of town, for example), 7 days will be added to the number of days in which the package must be completed.  Exceptions may be given in some cases at the discretion of the trainer.


Unused Sessions: The cost of any sessions not completed by the required completion date in private or semi-private lesson packages is non-refundable.


Semi-Private Session Packages: Know a couple of friends, family members, or neighbors that also want training lessons with their dogs?  You can schedule semi-private single lessons or a semi-private multiple-lesson package.  Each participant receives a 25% discount off the regular session/package rate! (minimum # of participants is 2, maximum is 4).  Good Manners (such as not jumping, not bolting out of doors and gates, not pulling on leash, digging, and others) will be covered in all obedience sessions.  Also covered are the importance of your role as leader in your relationship with your dog and how to convey this. Payment in full is due at the first session. NOTE: All 6-Session Semi-Private training packages must be completed within 72 days of the first session. The cost of any sessions not yet completed within 72 days of the first session is non-refundable.


NOTE: All cases of aggression and other serious behavior problems will not be covered in private or semi-private Obedience lessons or packages.  You may, however, schedule a private Behavior Consultation and Behavior Modification Program for you and your dog if you wish.