Sweet Pea & Willie (and I) have really enjoyed our training sessions with Leah at Flint Hill K-9 Training. We learned about Flint Hill K-9 through the Weim & Cheese Event that benefits Weimaraners. Sweet Pea is a rescue from a litter of puppies that were found on the side of the road in a cardboard box with the mommy dog sitting beside it. Willie is a rescue from Hurricane Katrina. He was brought to the Greater Birmingham Humane Society from Louisiana where we found and adopted him. We had Sweet Pea & Willie for a little over two years and decided to train them professionally.  Since we have been training with Leah at Flint Hill K-9, their behaviors have improved dramatically. They are still my sweet babies, but now they have manners, too!  We have learned all of the basic commands now! They listen and watch me and my husband for their commands versus doing what they wanted to and when they wanted to before. Their sweet faces say "Thank you!" to Leah and the training techniques we have learned!  Not only have Sweet Pea & Willie learned a lot, but I have learned a lot about teaching and training them and also about being their leader.


Thank you for everything!

Danielle Yancey

Vestavia Hills, AL































Thanks so much for helping me with my sweet and smart dog Montana.  She was rescued as a puppy from a gas station on Hwy 280, where a group of boys had put a potato chip bag over her head and were watching her stumble towards the traffic!!!!  After about a year old she started becoming aggressive towards other dogs, and I was not sure how to handle her.  Fortunately for me, I found you!!   Montana and I went through your Behavior Modification program, and you patiently taught me techniques that have made a world of difference for us!


Thanks so much for all you do and for loving animals !!

Debbie & Montana

Homewood, AL






















Leah, We wish to express our gratitude for the attention you've given our German Shepherd, Fuzz.  He has done very well with the exercises you prescribed during his puppy training course.  When performed in front of his vet, he stated how impressive that was for a dog his age.  He is progressing in his behavior and is doing good at loose leash walking. We are looking forward to continuing his training with you. This was a very big step for us, but you have made it enjoyable and a wonderful learning experience for all of us.


Thanks so much,

Philip, Karen and Fuzz

Childersburg, AL






















Dear Leah,  I had been extremely frustrated and concerned that I may have to give up my 6mo old boxer puppy Gypsy. We had gotten her immediately after the death of our 4 yr old boxer Maggie who was very timid.  Gypsy was, to put it mildly, a "wild dog"- very physical, stubborn, strong willed and wanted everything on her terms. I had tried the "normal" training techniques starting with puppy class etc., but it didn't really seem to work with her. You were really the only hope that we could come to terms and all live peacefully in the same house. You helped me to understand why I was getting nowhere with her and, on the very first day we met, provided information about changes that we needed to make and techniques that provided immediate results.  Over the last six weeks you have helped me through the rough times, when she was testing to see if I would be consistent, and laughed along the way about her crazy antics. She is going to continue pushing the limits, but you have provided me with the tools I need to remain calm and be firm.  To say thank you just doesn't seem quite enough!  But, THANK YOU on behalf of the Platz family.


Donna J. Platz & Gypsy

Fultondale, AL




























Our Golden Retriever Sunshine goes everywhere that dogs are allowed with us.  So many people ask us who is training our dog that I never leave home without a supply of Leah’s cards.  Sunshine is the latest in a twenty five year succession of Goldens in our lives, and at less than a year old she is better behaved than all of the rest were as aged adults.  Through one-on-one training sessions with Leah we have learned that most of the unacceptable behaviors our other dogs exhibited were more our faults than theirs.  Leah has taught us the correct ways to ask our dog to do, or not to do, something with effective body language and voice.  We are better companions to both of our dogs because of Leah.  My only regret is that we didn’t have the benefit of her insight with every one of the dogs we’ve been privileged to love.  We consider training our dog with Leah one of the best investments we’ve ever made and look forward to many happy years with Sunshine.


Cathy and Tom Adams & Sunshine

Birmingham, AL























Leah, I'm in Leah withdrawal already.  I really looked forward to our training sessions.  You were a godsend to us.  I think if we hadn't found you, we would not have been able to keep our

Misty girl.  I'm going to try really hard to keep up with the obedience training so that she can be the really sweet dog she was meant to be.  You are so good at what you do and enjoy it, it is obvious.  They say if you make what you love your work, you'll never have to work again!    Thank you, thank you!


Betty, Micheal & Misty

Bessemer, AL  (now in New Orleans! - happy new home!)



















Dear Ms. Leah,  I really want to thank you for teaching my People and Sister a recognizable language. They were woefully ignorant in true Speech.  It is with all thanks to you that we are getting along much better and with a greater understanding of each other's boundaries and limitations.  We are all in your debt.


Thank you from the bottom of my Canine Heart,


Hueytown, AL

























Leah, Thank you so much with all your help with my dog Jonah.  You have truly been a lifesaver for us.  When I contacted you to help with Jonah he was running our house.  He was jumping on people and pretty much doing whatever he wanted.  You gave me the information I needed to see our families role in making him into a wonderful member of our family.  We now put in the time and effort that is required of us to give him what he needs so he will want to behave.  You were always willing to listen to whatever my problem was with him and give me suggestions and ideas to help.   I am so glad I found you.  You truly have a special gift.  Thank you for sharing it with us.


Sincerely, Sherry & Jonah

Madison, AL
























Dear Leah, Speaking for the pack of girls with the pack of dogs, I just wanted to write you a note to thank you for everything that you did to help us out with the three dogs.  Life is really so much better for all of us now.  I definitely know they are not perfect, but I also know that the things that are wrong involve us not being consistent, and not that we have bad dogs.  I always have and will love Roscoe, but he is truly a joy to be around now.  I had all three of them here by myself for a couple of days this week, and they are just so good.  We had a great walk this weekend and it is a joy to just walk with them next to me without a fight or a struggle.  And as for "PLACE" ... that is my favorite command in the world!!!  Thanks so much for teaching us to be good dog owners.  I will continue to recommend you to everyone.  If there is anything we can ever do for you, please just let us know.  Thanks, Jeannie


Jeannie & Roscoe and Katie & Jake

Birmingham, AL
























Leah, Thank you so much for all your patience with us as we muddled through our training classes with Cody.  I am so pleased with the results we have received with your guidance to help Cody be a good responsive dog.  Manners are important along with her behavior.  I think she will be a happier dog with order in her life and we certainly will be happier owners.  It would not have been so pleasant without your teaching us how to be good dog owners.  We will continue to strive for a happy, well behaved dog!  We all three thank you again.  Wishing you well with many more happy dogs that will get to know you.


Sincerely, Bonita, John, & Cody

Bessemer, AL


























When we brought Pip home from the pet store it didn’t take long for us to realize that we had a handful of puppy. We had owned a Jack Russell terrier before and liked a spunky dog but our new Jack-Rat terrier mix was the ultimate in hyper activity. I honestly do not want to think of what Pip would be like now if we had not called Leah for help. After 4 weeks of training, Pip has turned out to be a wonderful pet and even though she still has plenty of spunk she is very well behaved and we believe a happier puppy due to Leah’s help. Leah was patient with Pip and our family as she taught us how to train our new puppy in the basics from house breaking to loose leash training. Leah demonstrated a real expertise and rapport when working with Pip that was fun to watch. She also involved our whole family in each lesson so that each one of us could benefit and continue working with Pip in the future. Thanks Leah for everything!


Jenny, Andy, Pip, & Chris

Bessemer, AL























Before we met Leah, our little Pomeranian, Buddy, was driving us crazy.  We couldn't even put a collar or leash on him without him growling at us and trying to bite us.  At our first meeting with Leah, he tried to do the same thing with her, but she showed him there was a better way, and from then on he was a different dog.  He still does things because of puppy behavior, but now he is a pleasure to live with.  At our last session, Buddy was licking and loving Leah.  He loved going there.  We really appreciate all Leah has done for us.


Fred, Linda and Buddy

McCalla, AL































Dear Leah,  When I contacted you I was at my wits end with Addie. While ‘getting rid of her’ was not an option for me, I had to find someone to help me. My perfect little Beagle mix rescue dog had decided she didn’t like strangers in her house. And when I say strangers, I mean anyone outside our realm of friends!! Even my own sisters - because they live out of town.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the time you spent with Addie and me! From that first phone consultation I knew I had found the answer to my prayers. Your genuine care and concern you have for animals is amazing! Addie is a much happier dog now. We will continue to practice all that you taught us! You have a very special gift!


Thanks for all your love and support!

Tricia and Addie

Tupelo, MS





























When my family and I decided to add an English Mastiff to our ranks, we knew that it would be important to find a good trainer to help us.  We knew that it was very likely that one day he would be bigger than any of us.  Our veterinarian recommended Leah at Flint Hill K-9 and we couldn't have been more pleased with our experience with her.  Leah helped me convince Angus that I was the leader of the pack.  Until our first lesson, I was doing EVERYTHING wrong in raising this very large puppy.  It was no wonder that I had a hard time handling him, I did everything short of giving him my house keys!  Leah taught me that I had to take control of the situation and make sure that Angus understood that HE was NOT the one in charge.  I am happy to report that I continue to hold my "bluff".  Angus is a very polite and well mannered dog and we owe that behavior to Leah's teachings.  It is amazing how many people stop me when we are out on our walks and ask me about him and comment on how good he is.  Thank you, Leah, for assuring that we have the knowledge of how to handle this large, strong, hard-headed, absolutely wonderful dog.


Kim Skates

Hueytown, AL

























My husband and I were referred to Leah and Flint Hill K-9 Training when we adopted our 2nd dog -- without asking the permission of the  Husky/Australian Shepherd mix we'd had for 13 years!  Leah came to our house, helped us to quickly establish order and provided us with hands-on instruction.  Her calm and positive approach has made our lives with our dogs a lot easier.  We strongly recommend her!


Amanda Wilson

Birmingham, AL



























I adore my rescue dog Bella, who I got when she was two years old.  With Leah's training, she went from being a terror (after all she is a terrier!) to being able to sit, stay, wait, etc. on command.  Now, instead of dreading going home to Bella, I can't wait to see her after work!


Thank you,

Elizabeth and Bella

Mountain Brook, AL

























I had a wonderful training experience at Flint Hill K-9 this summer with my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chloe.  Leah has the perfect temperament with animals.  She managed to teach me to train Chloe with a whole lot of gentleness and love mixed in with just the right amount of no nonsense firmness to get the message across to Chloe that I am the leader.  Chloe loved her training sessions and wiggled and squirmed wildly every time we arrived for a session.  Each time we got together Leah was patient and genuinely interested in Chloe and our progress.  It was very helpful that all of the "homework" was sent home in writing and Leah was always available for any questions between sessions.  Chloe still loves her training sessions and it is so rewarding to watch her progress.



Stacey & Chloe

Tuscaloosa, AL





















As the owners of 3 rescued easy going dogs (Abby, Bob, & Allie - 3 dogs on right), we were clueless as to what to do about our 4th rescued dog, Happy (far left), who was tossed out of a moving vehicle at a gas station.  After weeks of feeding her and trying to get her to come home with us, she went into heat and we got assistance from ADAR to trap her and help us get her to the vet where she was cleaned and spayed.  When we went to take her home from the vet, the vet said, “good luck with that one”.  Happy was terrified of collars, leashes and anything of the like.  Although she had major and oftentimes frustrating issues, she was ours for good.  After 4 months, with no progress and what we called dominance/protective issues showing, we learned of Leah.  This was our fist time getting a dog trainer, but we were getting nowhere and realized we needed professional help.  After meeting us and our 4 dogs, Leah said, “I think 6 sessions for Happy.”  I thought to myself, “yeah right, just six sessions?”  In our minds it would take a lifetime to fix this dog!  Well, 6 sessions later, I had to eat those words.  Leah was right!  Our fearful, growling, car and leash fearing dog is now able to get in our car, ride to the state park and get out and walk on a loose leash like a pro.  She walks better then our other 3 who are now starting to work with Leah to get some fine tuning.  We definitely would recommend Leah to anyone looking to better their relationship with their dog.  Her training and skills equaled success in transforming our dog from a “what did we get ourselves into” to a great member of our family.



Clay & Monica

McCalla, AL
























Bella and I have been coming up with new ways to deal with her anxiety and aggression issues for most of her eight years of life.  One day she jumped on my mother's dog, and then came the ultimatum: fix it or find her a new home.  So I called Leah.  Since training with Leah, we have come leaps and bounds.  Training is a lot of work, and neither Bella nor I are perfect...but the difference is huge.  We can do things we couldn't before, like exercising in groups of dogs and people or meeting new dogs.   We're a whole heck-of-a-lot happier and more stable than before training with Leah.


Thanks so much!

Claire & Bella

Birmingham, AL




























Before we completed the training program Shepherd, my Great Pyrenees puppy, became anxious every time I left home and would not walk properly on his leash.  Now he is able to rest very comfortably in his crate and enjoys multiple walks throughout the day.  Also, I have a better understanding of the unique temperament and health considerations of this breed.  As a new puppy owner, this has been especially helpful.  Several of my friends and neighbors have commented on how well Shep behaves, and I attribute much of this to what we have learned during our time with Flint-Hill K-9 Training.


Erica & Shep

Tuscaloosa, AL




And from our years in Los Angeles, CA...



























Leah, Romeo has turned out to be everything I wanted in a dog and more.  Thank you so much for helping me to find my perfect companion!  I'm so glad you went with me to the Doberman Rescue to guide me to the right dog.  I would have been overwhelmed without your help.  You also gave Romeo and me the perfect foundation to build from in the few private sessions we had before you left.


I've continued with training by enrolling in a group class.  I thought this would help reinforce what we knew but also put Romeo in a social setting for practice.  We are almost at the end of our 8 week session and the instructor last week referred to Romeo as the valedictorian of the class!  I had to assure the other students that Romeo had the advantage of coming to the class with prior training.  Thanks again!


Sondria & Romeo 2006

Redondo Beach, CA


























Before I met Leah I was completely FRUSTRATED with this deaf pit bull puppy that I found. I wasn't sure on how to train a dog because my Boston terrier was completely spoiled.  I thought I was doomed to be miserable with my new dog, but then Leah came and worked with us.  She taught me how to use hand signals and facial expressions to communicate with Gigi.  She was patient and always available to answer my questions.  The training sessions with Leah gave me the skills and confidence that I needed to work with my special needs puppy.  Now, I love my Gigi to death.  Thanks again for everything!   I wish you were going to be here for some follow up training to get me through her "teenage" years.


Best Wishes,

Kyndall & Gigi 2005

Los Angeles, CA

































Hi Leah,  I wanted to thank you for being so wonderful with Sadie, my yellow lab. Your trick class was amazing.  You took your time with my little spaz of a dog.  You were so gentle and kind with her.  At the time I took your class Sadie was afraid of strangers and was afraid of the big warehouse where you taught your class.  You sat back and taught me how to teach her the tricks that I wanted her to learn.  You got down on the floor and sat with patience until you gained her trust.  You played ball with her and just became her friend.


I remember you asking me if you could test her for something.  Sure I said.  You got down on the floor with a scratch box and her tennis ball.  Later you told me how great she would be in Narcotics Detection.  I did not have a clue at the time what that would lead to.  Now Sadie is a "Nationally Certified Narcotics Detection Dog".   I have you to thank.  I also had the pleasure of being in the class with you and two of your beautiful dogs, training up North with you.  What an was so much fun.  I really think this has made an amazing difference in her self esteem... now she is a handful   :-)


You even kept me informed about dock jumping, knowing I was interested in that with her. You told me of my first dock jumping event and now she has been dock jumping for a year.  I have you to thank for so much.  You will truly be missed here in So Cal.  I would highly recommend you to anyone who wants to train with’re the best.


Thank you again,

Cindy & Sadie 2004

Orange County, CA




























Where does one begin to write about the greatest dog trainer in the United States?  Leah not only has an encylopedic knowledge of all things canine, but an uncanny ability to relate to both dogs and to their owners, and to convey to each how to relate better to the other.  Leah quickly became a friend to everyone in the class, and was (and is still) always available for questions even after the course was over.  She has a calm, soothing demeanor, while still having the unmistakable air of a true professional who is at the top of her game.  Before enrolling in the course I was having a difficult time with a crazy young Irish Terrier named Cullen.  By the end of the course Cullen was a new dog - still fun and loving, but now pridefully obedient and eager to please.  I strongly urge anyone and everyone who has a dog to call Leah and discuss how she can make both the dog's life and the owner's life better.


David & Cullen 2005

Torrance, CA


























When I and my fiance first decided to take Pepper to a dog trainer, we were very nervous and scared about leaving "our baby" for training. In the car, we had made a pact that if we didn't feel comfortable with the trainer we would go. Immediately, when we met Leah, we both looked at each other and nodded in approval. She made us feel that Pepper was as important to her as he was to us. In addition to being a great trainer, she is also a great person. Her thorough explanations and guidance has made Pepper better than I could have ever imagined. Thank you so much Leah. Wish you were here!!


Petrina & Pepper 2005

Claremont, CA



























Dear Leah, Thank you so much for your great training classes for Sparky! Under your tutelage, it was rewarding to see how far we and Sparky came from the first class to the last! You made the training fun, and it was good for Sparky and for us. We appreciated your expertise and enjoyed your kind and gentle, yet firm, manner.  We are happy for the certification of your dogs and your moving to Alabama, and at the same time sad to see you go. We’d like to stay in contact with you. We wish you all the best in your new endeavors. Again, thank you for the wonderful experience of being in your class.


Stephen, Jamie, & Sparky 2005

Laguna Beach, CA






















I highly recommend Leah for first time puppy owners (like I was).  Her knowledge, experience and hands-on training were invaluable to me.  I got my mini-dachshund, Ginger, at seven weeks old and even though I had read a million dog books, it was not until Leah came to my home and worked with me & Ginger in our own

environment that everything clicked.  Leah was very patient and also very flexible.  She taught me and Ginger all the basic commands like "sit" and "stay" but also

showed me practical things like how to put on Ginger's harness and apply her flea medication.  No matter how many times I asked her a question, she was very open to teaching us and would send me additional information via e-mail on whatever topic we were working on that week.  I would highly recommend Leah and wish she was still here in L.A.!


Take care, Wendy & Ginger 2002

Marina del Rey, CA





























Leah was wonderful in helping us bridge the gap between human and dog, and to help us understand how to communicate with our dog to get quick and positive results.  Leah gave personal attention to each of us, evaluating our dog's strengths and weaknesses so that she could perform the required behaviors.  Leah was well prepared for our course, with study sheets and class materials, and always available for questions.  We have now been to 3 levels of training, and Leah was the most prepared and made our classes most enjoyable.


Joy, Dwayne & Blossom 2005

Los Angeles, CA




























Dear Leah, Thank you so much for giving me such a good start with my dog Heidi.  You training

techniques are wonderful. I have continued to use them and reuse them over and over as

necessary.  She looks forward to "work time". Thanks to you I have a good dog/human foundation to keep with me forever.   I am proud of Heidi.  She has been kind and gentle, yet protective from the moment I got her.  I know your training techniques are what made her an even better dog.  You are a very gifted lady.


I wish to report that Heidi also talks now....well at least to us she does.  Every morning we have a talk fest.  I say I Love You over and over and she says it back to me.  Of course it sounds more like this...I ruvvvvvroooooooo. But she really does have the sound of it down pat.  It’s great!


Your friends, Susan & Heidi 2004

Torrance, CA
























Hi Leah, Gaby and I are sorry to see you go, but you must be VERY excited about your new adventure, now you just have to listen "in Southern", I think dogs bark Southern!  And do they have BIG hair there?  HA, Gaby would fit RIGHT in!  Keep in touch and I love keeping you updated as you were her FIRST teacher and we appreciated ALL your kind help.


Judy & Gaby G. 2005

Los Angeles, CA


























Hi Leah - I thought you'd like to know that I have continued Ty’s specialty training.  Ty can do everything we learned from you even better than before and at a distance.  He's backing up, head down, raising his foot, and can be sent to a mark. The thing I liked about your training was that you explained what and why we were doing something and how the dog would react. You taught us step by step and emphasized going in small steps. I'll keep you up to date.

Thanks Leah - great training!


Shannon & Ty 2005

Los Angeles, CA





























Leah's abilities and personality made learning easy for both me and my dog. To be a great dog trainer, you not only have to be good with dogs, you have to be an even better people trainer and she is that. If you can't make the people understand the steps, you won't ever be able to achieve the desired results with the dog. She simplified the steps so that learning complex behaviors was easy to understand and duplicate. Chip and I have since worked with another trainer and one thing I noticed was that Leah was able to keep a group class of 5 dogs working and motivated all at the same time. Other trainers seem to work only one dog at a time, while the others sit and wait to learn the new behavior, and my dog, as well as the others, would get bored and completely disinterested when it became their turn to perform. I'm sorry that you won't be around to see the amazing progress Chip has made. Your techniques were easy for me to apply to other tricks and behaviors that I wanted him to learn. He loves to perform and learn anything new, which comes from enjoying the training in your beginning classes. Thanks for all your help and best of luck.


Cindy & Chip 2005

Los Angeles, CA